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Is Pueblo Sending Out Smoke Signals ?

Is Pueblo Sending Out Smoke Signals ? Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado,many shifts in society are beginning to happen and people are starting to see those shifts here in Pueblo, Colorado. It has been very difficult for citizens to know what shifts in society are due to the legalization and which are not. In 2014, the people of Pueblo voted on towards amendment 64, making the sales of recreational cannabis legal on a state level. With change on the front-line and marijuana prohibition looking more and more like a thing of the past it important for research and studies to begin in order to solve problems and dismiss the lies and misinformation. 
    When there is such a new jolt to a community, there is a ripple effect of change in society, that will either benefit a community or harm it in some way, and it is not always in black or white. In Pueblo particularly, it is becoming harder and harder to depict false information from truth, from biased to real. A hug…

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